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2004 Week 08

Football Fanatics,

Not a good week to be a Florida, Georgia, Texas, or Nebraska fan. "Four more years!" is not a presidential election battle cry but rather SEC fans' pleas to Jeremy Foley to keep Ron Zook around for another four seasons. It's never a good week to be an Illinois fan, but that's a topic worthy of its own e-mail.

This week we welcome two new participants, Steve and Janice, to our pool. Let the harassment begin. We've already ragged on Northwestern (and will continue to do so until they beat Illinois in November and I curl up in a fetal position and start rocking back and forth like Billy Bob Thorton in Slingblade), so Steve gets off easy for the time being. Janice is a 'Bama loyalist and, presumably, thinks Bear Bryant was the Second Coming. Perhaps that's true, but let us not forget that the Crimson Gumps also gave us Mike "It's rolling baby, it's rolling!" Price and a pair of guys who walk around in suspenders with toilet paper and laundry detergent boxes attached to wooden sticks.

Buena suerte to all, and Go Illini!

Beano, Jr.

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