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2005 Week 06


The Pool welcomes Michigan back to the Top 25. John L. Smith has the unique distinction of being outcoached, and I use that term very loosely, by Lloyd Carr. Couldn't happen to a classier guy. MSU has a history of winning impressively and then following up with monumental choke jobs the next week - see Wisconsin and Penn State games in 2004. Although, I contend that the Spartans were exhausted after the excessive running up and down the field in Champaign during Week 4. Sparty has a week off to contemplate their problems before getting their asses handed to them by the Buckeyes in Columbus on October 15th (assuming tOSU hires a guest offensive coordinator for that game).

In prep for the MSU beatdown, the Buckeyes travel to Happy Valley this week for a matchup with resurgent Nittany Lions. PSU thumped Minnesota on Saturday. Just who in the name of Joe Paterno is running the offense these days?! I haven't seen such innovative play calling since Kerry Collins and Ki-Jana Carter were beating the bejesus out of people back in 1994. And it's nice to see Minnesota has started their traditional collapse. It doesn't get any easier in Week 6 as the Gophers travel to the Big House for another Battle of the Coaching Minds. For the 2nd straight inexplicable week, Lloyd Carr is favored.

What took so long?

Wonder if Jeremy Foley is rethinking that decision to make Spurrier apply for the Gator job last year? The Urbanator's spread option attack fell flat on its face against an athletic Crimson Tide defense. Tough break, both literally and figuratively, for the Tide as their star wide receiver Tyrone Prothro Theismanned his leg in the 4th quarter while his team was up 31-3. Mike Shula can spin it all he wants, but that's the 2nd straight year he's lost a star player for the season when they were playing long after they should have been during a blowout victory. Alabama now has the inside track on the SEC West crown, as they've defeated Florida and get both Tennessee and LSU at home. Then there's that pesky little Iron Bowl in Auburn during Rivalry Week.

Big week for Directional Michigan. All three programs escaped with victory in Week 5 action. Not so good for fan favorite Vanderbilt. The Commodores must've been looking ahead to their October 8th matchup with LSU, because they laid a proverbial egg in their 17-15 loss to Middle Tennessee State. They lost the game in traditional Vandy fashion, driving 80 yards from their own 1-yard line at the end of the 4th quarter only to have their game-winning field goal attempt blocked. Perhaps it's time to start tracking Directional Tennessee.

Nebraska put up a grand total of 36 rushing yards in the overtime victory over the Iowa State Cyclones. Bob Devaney rolled over in his grave. Texas Tech comes to Lincoln next week as the 'Huskers try to atone for the 70-10 shellacking they took last year in Lubbock.

Trev update.

Les Diables had the Trojans on the ropes in Tempe, and then they coughed up their 4th quarter leader faster than the cheese-eating surrender monkeys gave up Paris back when Gramps was in basic training. The Trojans are looking less impressive every week. Arizona comes to La La Land next week before USC heads to South Bend on October 15th. My head already hurts from trying to decide which team I hate more - USC or Notre Dame.

USC drinking game.

Buena suerte to all, and Go Illini!

B.A. Baracus

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