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2005 Bowl Season

Frank & Beanos,

Slept through GameDay once again on Saturday. Had no desire to listen to the Trojan love fest that was inevitably going to take place when Chris, Lee, Kirk, & Crew invaded South Central. And I want to know when Shelley Smith is going to stop fawning over Matt & Reggie and do some hard-hitting journalism on the day in the life of a Sweater Girl.

Best signs on Saturday's College Football GameDay.

No SAPFs, LCCMOTWs, or JLSIJOTWs for Week 14 games. I'm too tired and lazy to come up with witty commentary about last week's action. Instead, you get a plethora of college football links to keep you amused. Enjoy.


Thou shalt hunker down.

Brilliant idea.

Go Wildcats! NSFW.

I'm still waiting on that Lou Tepper e-mail.

Phil's rough draft.

Simpsons Cavalcade of College Football.

Suzy needs to brush up on the football lingo.




Fun with Photoshop at USC's expense.

Party on, Frank.

Just like Lloyd, it's capable of "coaching" the team during the first big road game of the season.

Say it ain't so, Braylon.

Less time for demolition means more time for drinking.

Nick Viguerie is the student/fan version of Brodie Croyle.

For those of you in need of Christmas ideas for loved ones, I present the best rap music this side of the 7th Floor Crew.

Guaranteed Ig Nobel prize winner - just to make sure you are still paying attention.

Last call?

Frank Solich

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