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2004 Week 14

Football Fans,

Fire Lloyd Carr. Now. How in the heck did this guy coach a team to a national championship? Ty and Jim need to send Christmas cards to personally thank him for cooling off the coaching hot seats at their respective schools. Ron Turner comes up with better game plans in big games (then has to throw them out the window because he doesn't have the talent to execute to those plans). If Coach (and I use that term lightly) Turner is still at Illinois next year, I will not be attending a game at Memorial Stadium in Champaign. Might make the trek to Memorial Stadium in Berzerkley, however.

Auburn looked good against the Laundry Detergent in Tuscaloosa. I'm not sure how you justify dropping them in the rankings after a quality win on the road versus the team with the #2 defense in the land, but the AP managed to do just that. Wisconsin continued its free fall down the Top 25 rankings. Michigan State, coming off a big win over the Badgers, got hammered by the offensive juggernaut that is Penn State. Florida won one for the Zooker. The Gators are still on track for a 7-5 season after their annual bowl game loss. Some of the Gator loyalists are even calling for RZ to get an interview for the job from which he was fired. Huh? Only in Gatorland; perhaps they're still feeling a bit woozy about Spurrier signing on to coach the GameCocks. Speaking of the other USC, it appears they spent too much time on Friday and Saturday watching Pacers-Pistons highlights before taking the field against their intrastate rivals. Only a bench-clearing brawl was enough to distract the Tiger fans from another sub-par season delivered by Tommy Bowden. Notre Dame did not play this weekend but will take on the Condoms next weekend in La-La Land. My head is exploding trying to decide which team I dislike more. With any luck the Domers will win a close but sloppily-played game when the Trojans' long snapper hikes the ball over the punters head in the back of the end zone.

Buena suerte to all, and Go Illini!


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