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2004 Week 12

Football Fans,

Condolences once again to Pool favorite Western Michigan. The Broncos took the donut against Bowling Green and dropped to 1-8 on the year. Eastern Michigan won 61-58 in a defensive struggle over Central Michigan to finish atop the Directional Michigan Cup Standings. Go Eagles!

Reports this week indicate the Ol' HBC is declining a comeback tour in Gator Nation. Meyer or Tedford is no slam dunk, and the fan base is bitching about a possible Chow or Hawkins hire. Keep it up, Gators, and you'll be introducing Ron Turner as your next head coach. Speaking of the Ron Turner Farewell Tour, the Illini won the pillow fight versus the Hoosiers on Saturday when Indiana forgot cover a receiver on the last offensive play of the game. Great coaching Mr. Dinardo! ... Has anybody seen the Texas A&M defense? They were last seen in the 2nd quarter stuffing the Longhorns at every opportunity. Perhaps they were looking forward to an evening on the town with Lydell Ross at a Pure Platinum-esque establishment. ... Someone please explain to me how Notre Dame loses to BYU and Boston College but beats Michigan and Tennessee? Oh well, I'm all for anything that keeps Ty around and the Domers toiling in mediocrity.

Whoa, Nellie, and Go Illini!

Keith Jackson

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