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2004 Week 03

Football Fans,

Busy week at work, so this edition of our weekly e-mail will be brief and rather lame. The files below are for Week 03 of our pool. Picks are due by the start of the Missouri - Troy State game on Thursday. Big matchup this week is Florida State at Miami on Friday. Michigan at Notre Dame is also on the docket, and if you want to remain a part of this pool you will be rooting for an ass-whoopin' of the Domers by the Wolverines in front of the Rudy-loving crowd.

This week marks a momentous occasion, as the Illini have pulled themselves out of the Bottom 10 by beating up on a I-AA team more known for its marching band than its football team (FAMU).

Buena suerte to all, and Go Illini!

Mr. T

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