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2004 Bowl Season

Football Fans,

Congratulations to the BCS for finding yet another way to screw up an otherwise enjoyable college football season. Instead of potentially interesting Cal-Michigan and Texas-Utah matchups, we get Pittsburgh-Utah in the Fiesta bowl. Yawn. Jeff Tedford was so shocked and disoriented from the snub that he actually signed an extension with Cal. Great career move. I'll note that Ron Turner signed a contract extension after winning the Big Ten in 2001.

Didn't take long for Florida fans to fire up the intarweb and create a few web sites.

And with Urban now a Gator, that leaves the Fighting Irish sans coach going into the December recruiting season. I hear Ron Turner is available. Ha ha ha. Speaking of the Illini coaching position, here comes the Zooker! I've easily got a season's worth of material on the Orange and Blue ball coach. The Illini will (once again) accept the Gators' sloppy seconds. 7-5 gets you fired at Florida. 7-5 at Illinois gets a street named after you next to Memorial Stadium. Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl here we come! I am officially on the Zook bandwagon.

Why did Ron Artest leave the game early? He wanted to beat the crowd.
Thank you and good night! I'll be here all week.

Buena suerte to all, and Go Illini!

Chief IlliniZook

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